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6 Pack of 60ML Premium USA Made E-Juice - 360 ML Total
6 Pack Premium Ejuice

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American Dream
An All American blend of strawberry, coconut, and blueberry flavorings. Red, White, and Blue!

Bud Brownie
A one of a kind blend of sweet yet savory. This original blend is sure to make Washington and Colorado proud! Flavor only. Contains no illegal substances.

Chocolate Thunder
An original bend of rich chocolate, custard, and the slightest hint of strawberry. Sweet vape lovers look no further!

Cool Relaxation- New Flavor!!!
Cool and smooth cucumber combined with melon favorites and a hint of menthol to bring you some relaxation.

How could you go wrong with this dragon fruit, watermelon, peach and honeysuckle? That’s right, you can’t. A great juicy all day cloud ripper.

Electric Feel- New Flavor!!!
A combination of smooth and bold raspberry, pineapple, blueberry, lemon lime and vanilla.

A true Las Vegas classic. A banana peanut butter sandwich and so much more. Live on King, live on.

Forbidden Lust- Top Seller!!!
A vape so good, it should be forbidden! One of the best blends we have produced at Red Rock Vapor. You will taste the peach at first, then comes a slight taste of mango, and ends with the remarkable aroma of raspberry.

Goddess- New Flavor!!!
An immortal mix of honeysuckle, peach, and apricot. The nectar of the gods…and goddess!

Island Cream- New Flavor!!!
Taro is a flavor that is a favorite among many. A carefully crafted sweet coconut cream with a clean and flavorful exhale.

Kiwi Clouds
Float away on a cloud of kiwi goodness with waves of light cream.

Mary Jane
This product contains no THC, but it sure does taste like it. We’re proud of this one. Flavor Only.

Melon Mash- New Flavor!!
Check out these melons! A blend of refreshing melons and crisp citrus and tropical fruit makes this a great all day vape.

Monkey Bread
Sweet banana nut bread oozing with caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla icing with just a hint a cinnamon. This dessert vape is sure to knock your socks off.

We took your favorite prehistoric fruity cereal and made it into a yummy marshmallow rice crunchy bar. If you like sweet dessert flavors, this one's for you.

Pipeline Dream- Top Seller!!!
The perfect blend of our best tropical flavors. A vapors sweet dream!

Plan B- New Flavor!!!
A sweet and tasty blend of strawberry, peach, and apple.

Poseidon- New Flavor!!!
If you’re a fan of tropical flavors then you’re going to love this one. All the favorites with a hint of guava that satisfies the taste buds.

Shot in the Mouth
A sweet and sour combo of tart berries, sweet watermelon, and sour lemon-lime to wake up your tongue.

Stripper Juice
A customer creation, this delicious blend is the perfect combination of fruity and flowery. Sweet fruit flavors are combined with honeysuckle and tart lemon.

Surf’s Up- New Flavor!!!
Refreshing raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry with a hint of menthol.

Tachyon- New Flavor!!!
A sweet and slightly tart blend of fresh fruit.

The Golf Pro
Play the best round of your life on a cloud of strawberries.

The Jess- New Flavor!!!
A creamy mixture of white chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch. Thanks Jess!

Tongue Rash
A mellow melon mixture. A vape that starts out light on your palate, then the sweet tangy taste of raspberry takes over at the end of the cloud.

Walker Blood- Top Seller!!!
A true customer creation gone right. With a rich, yet all-day-vapable blend of butterscotch, caramel, and sweet vanilla custard. Almost everyone at the sample bar ends up taking this one home. Thank you Zombill!

Wet Lips
A refreshing summer blend of ripe strawberry, kiwi, and melon with a subtle cotton candy finish.


A sweet, candy like apple flavor with “Evergreen State” roots.

Berry Insane
The best combination of our sweetest tasting berries. If you like em sweet, this will be your treat!

Black Cherry
A very realistic fresh black cherry flavor. True to the actual fruit rather than a candy like maraschino cherry.

Blackberry Patch
A fresh blackberry flavor as if you would have handpicked the blackberries from the patch. Not too sweet yet easy on the palate.

Blue Razz
Get ready to embrace this delectable nectar. The mixture of blueberries and raspberries creates a sparkling flavor that will help become your all day, every day vape.

Grape Vape
A candy like grape flavor. Compare to the flavor of a grape candy.

Mango Tango
A delicious, brisk flavoring of a juicy mango. So good your tongue will want to perform the Tango!

Peach Passion – Top Seller!!!
Tastes like it’s straight from Georgia. A perfect summertime or beach e-liquid.

Pineapple 808
Straight from the 808, this is a true flavor taste of everyone’s favorite prickly fruit.

Summer Strawberry – Top Seller!!!
A sweet candy like strawberry experience. A great all day long type e-liquid.

Triple Melon- New Flavor!!!
Melons. Melons. Melons. Funny right?

Tropical Medley
A candy like tropical mix. Vape once and you’ll feel the sand between your toes!

Watermelon Crawl- Top Seller!!!
A crisp, all natural watermelon taste. You don’t even have to spit out the seeds!


Apricot Passion Tea- New Flavor!!!
Reminiscent of a cold glass of sweet tea on a summer day.

Baja Mist
Our take on the spin off Baja citrus soft drink. A great blend of tropical and citrus flavors. This flavor will put the tropical storm onto your palate. It is perfectly modeled after the popular carbonated spin off Baja citrus soft drink.

Blue Juice
A true customer created dream of an e-juice. With hues of melon and more, Blue Juice has quickly become a favorite at our sample bar. Thank you Mr. Roman!

Blue Razz Lemonade - New Flavor!!!
A fresh lemonade with a blueberry and raspberry twist.

Check Mate – Top Seller!!!
A bold Kentucky Bourbon combined with a silky finish of vanilla, caramelized brown sugar, toasted coconut, almonds and hazelnut. Better than the original.

Chocolate Milk - New Flavor!!

Creamy milk chocolate blended perfectly with ice cold milk.

Citrus Mist
Our take on the delicious citrus soft drink. One of the most demanded E-Liquid flavors out there! A great blend of citrus flavors. This flavor is right on and perfectly model after the popular green carbonated soft drink.

Exotic Slush- New Flavor!!!
This one will make you dream of being in the tropics with a fruity alcoholic slushy. Hints of passion fruit, orange, and guava will have you coming back again and again.

Graviton- New Flavor!!!
A fresh drink blend with a splash of coolness. Layers of tropical fruit punch and cherry with a slight kiss of menthol.

Hazelnut Caramel Latte
Sit down for a nice hot cup of joe. A great balanced coffee with a swirl of hazelnut and caramel finished off with a subtle wave of cream.

Horchata- New Flavor!!!
A classic Spanish sweet cinnamon rice milk.

Jersey Fist Pump- New Flavor!!!
This one is straight from the New Jersey shore! Your favorite black licorice liquor with your favorite energy drink. Vape and your right there in Seaside Heights!

Lime Pepino- New Flavor!!!
A refreshing drink of key lime with a cucumber twist.

NC - 17- New Flavor!!!
Water with vitamins? Why just drink it when you can vape this blueberry, pomegranate, and acai masterpiece?

Pacific Rider - New Flavor!!!
Everyone’s favorite pacific fruit punch in a pouch.

Peach Mango Green Tea – New Flavor
A classic green tea with a sweet fruit splash.

Pina Colada
Incredibly refreshing and invigorating taste of a Pina Colada. This one will make you feel like you’re sitting poolside on a tropical island.

Root Beer Float
Some things just go better together, like the sweet, old fashioned taste of root beer and a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. A perfect pairing!

Sotally Tober- New Flavor!!!
Fiery cinnamon flavor combined with whiskey for a vape that reminds you of a hard liquor favorite.

Strawberry Lemonade
Perfect all day summer vape is sure to make to find a nice pool to lounge around.

Sudz- New Flavor!!!

A romantic blend of fresh strawberries and kiwi with bubbly champagne. Sure to please your passionate side.

A refreshing minty mojito balanced with ripe strawberries and cool watermelon. A vape that will definitely make you thirsty for the real thing.


Banana Cream Pie
A sweet and creamy blend of bananas and custard. Sweet banana in the inhale and sweet cream on the exhale, this one is sure to be a new favorite.

Belgian Waffle
It’s hot off the iron! Fresh cooked flavor with hues of maple.

Black Razz Cheesecake- Top Seller!!!
On the menu due to popular demand. This is the perfect blend of tart and sweet all in one. Our creamy cheesecake blended with a graham cracker crust flavoring and paired with our Blackberry and Raspberry.

Coconut Delight- New Flavor!!!
No need to wait for the little female scouts to come knocking at your door. Now you can vape your favorite cookie!

Cosmic Sundae- New Flavor!!!

A sundae so tasty it will have you exploring the cosmos on waves of bananas, strawberries, and chocolate.

Creamy Pebbles- New Flavor!!!
A taste of a fruity pebbles rice crispy treat in a smooth cream.

Fried Bananas
Hot off the griddle, these fried bananas laced with caramelized brown sugar are ready for your tank or dripper. A truly sweet a decadent experience for those who like it bold.

FunFetti Cake- New Flavor!!!
Birthday cake and frosting made into a creamy all day vape.

Homemade Apple Pie
A rich, all around great apple pie flavor topped with a dapple of sweet vanilla ice cream. Just like grandma used to make!

Key Lime Sorbet
Fresh from the Keys, this one is a new staff favorite. The inhale provides sweet and tart notes of the kiwi and lime while the exhale tantalizes the tongue with sweet cream notes.

Lemon Cake- New Flavor!!!
Lemon pound cake without the calories.

Mamas Cookie Jar- New Flavor!!!
A delicious strawberry vanilla cookie fresh out of mama’s oven.

Muffin Man
Our take on the popular muffin man flavor. Sweet muffin with powerful notes of apple and cinnamon. Sweet vape lovers, this one is for you!

Pastry Man- New Flavor!!!

A strawberry toaster pastry that will remind you of being a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Red Rock Pop- Top Seller!!!
This taste will bring back summer. Mixed to create that familiar red, white and blue ice pops that you would get from that ice cream truck! All the taste without the annoying theme song.

Strawberry Cheesecake
The creamy taste of cheesecake twirled with sweet summer strawberries.


Arabian Nights- New Flavor!!!
A blend of kiwi and mango in a creamy milk.

Blueberries N’ Cream
Tastes like fresh cream and a whole carton of ripe wild blueberries in every puff!

Custards Last Stand- Top Seller!!!
A plain and true custard both on the inhale and exhale. Sweet and creamy throughout, this blend makes a great mixer as well as on its own.

Kiwi Milk­- New Flavor!!!
Sweet kiwi in a delectable creamy milk.

Mangos N’ Cream
A delicious, brisk flavoring of a juicy mango combined with vanilla ice-cream.

Mothers Milk – Top Seller!!!
A sweet decadent strawberry on the inhale and the soothing rush of custard on the exhale. Sort of resembles the taste of Strawberry Milk. A new favorite for sure.

Peaches N’ Cream
A strong and true peach flavor blended with sweet cream. A favorite here at RRV!

Pomaberry Custard – Top Seller!!!
A combination of juicy wild blueberry and tart pomegranate with creamy vanilla custard notes. A staff favorite.


Fruit Circles
Tastes just like the fruity “O’s” you enjoyed as a kid. A great all day vape.

Lucky Leprechaun
We’ve found the gold at the end of the rainbow and found a way to stuff it into the wonderful juice. Bold crunch on the inhale and sweet marshmallow on the exhale. This one is a must try.

Munch Crunch
This flavor will help bring back good memories of a Saturday morning watching cartoons. A flavor replica of one of your childhood cereals. As Walt Whitman once wrote “O Captain My Captain”.

Thank You Berry Munch – Top Seller!!!
Vape this flavor and we promise you will be reminiscent of one of the best cereals of all time! The taste and smell is right on.


Mouthwateringly delicious watermelon bubble gum. It’s not just for chewing anymore.

Cotton Candy
The name says it all! Tastes just like you received your own handle of freshly spun sugar at your local fair.

Gummy Bear
Tastes like you just popped a handful of those little bears into your mouth with every puff. Very realistic flavor.

Juicy Gum
Specifically blended to replicate the flavor of Juicy Fruit Gum.

Peanut Butter Cup
The rich taste of creamy peanut butter blended with milk chocolate. Comparable to the taste of your favorite orange and black candy!

A bold peppermint candy type of flavor. A great holiday reminder any day of the year!

Pink Star
A sweet strawberry candy flavor inspired by everyone's favorite juicy chewy candy.

Rad Laser
A delicious rope candy with a little something extra.

Sour Sunbeams
Taste the rainbow with a little more kick in the taste buds.

Sunbeams- Top Seller!!!
A sweet, fruity, and complex flavor similar to the small, hard sugar shell candy. This flavor will keep you coming back, tasting a different candy flavor every time. You can now vape the rainbow.

Tropical Sunbeams- New Flavor!!!
A tropical fruit flavored version of everyone’s favorite hard sugar shell candies. Vape the tropical rainbow!

Vanilla Bean
The precise essence of pure vanilla bean. One can’t go wrong with this classic flavor.

Cig Clones

Martyr Red- Top Seller!!!
A full flavored southern tobacco flavor blend. Similar to the Red and White paper cigarettes found at your local gas station.

A well balanced tobacco blend with no harsh smell or aftertaste. A great all day tobacco flavor.

A bold Turkish tobacco flavor blend.

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